Meet the Lab


Dr. Jasmine Norman

Jasmine Norman is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Her research examines how social identity impacts interpersonal and intergroup relations in ways that either maintain or challenge social bias and inequity. 

Current Graduate Students in the Lab

Amy Neal

Amy Neal is a second-year Master's student interested in social psychology and the study of romantic relationships. She is looking to continue her education with a PhD after completing her Master's. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and adding to her growing keychain collection.

Abigail Bird

I am a master's student in the psychological sciences program. As a recent UNCW graduate, I am in the beginning stages of working on my Thesis. As of now, I have chosen to reach how masculinity impacts romantic relationships. I am excited to be an active member of the DISCO lab and I am eager to see where my first year takes me and everything the Lab will accomplish!

Current Undergraduate Students in the Lab

Emma Viole

Hi my name is Emma Viole. I grew up in Charlotte, NC but I have always loved the beach and thought UNCW would be a great fit for me. I am a senior this year studying psychology and sociology. After I graduate I plan on attending graduate school for counseling psychology. I hope to focus on neurodivergent affirming therapy for adults struggling with ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

Emma O'Neal

Hi, I am Emma O’Neal. I am from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I am a junior and my major is Psychology with a minor in Women and Gender studies. After graduating from UNCW I hope to attend graduate school. I hope to focus on child development and trauma.

Spencer Boatwright

My name is Spencer Boatwright and I am a first-year student here at UNCW. I am a pre-med psychology major and plan to pursue a dual Ph.D. MD degree, becoming a physician-scientist. I am particularly interested in the impacts of social media on adolescent development and overall life satisfaction. Additionally, I plan on researching different treatment methods for autism spectrum disorder and their effectiveness along with the negative impacts of social media paired with developmental disorders. 

Lab Alumni

Bryanna Graham

Bryanna graduated from UNCW with a major in psychology and a minor in applied behavior analysis. Some of her favorite things to do are go to the beach, listen to music, and play with her puppy. After graduating, she went on to pursue a PsyD at West Chester University.

Fatimah Subhi

Fatimah complete Master's level work in the Psychological Sciences program. She is interested in looking at how people's behaviors and thought processing impact their social interactions and loves going on hikes and exploring new places outdoors! 

Priscilla Diaz-Gonzalez

Priscilla joined the DISCO lab through SPSP's SPUR Program. As first-generation college student, she was motivated to develop a project to test the impact of communal vs. independent syllabi framings on first-generation students' belonging. She graduated from UCSB with her B.S. in Psychological and Brain Sciences and went on to become a lab manager in the Culture Collaboratory at University of Michigan.

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Melica Kaveh

Jocelyn Garcia Munoz

Elizabeth Cline

Aniya Raiford 

Maya Spidell

Jessie Serbio

Honorary Lab Members Pursuing PhDs in Cuteness

gigi (lil' g)

As the newest addition, gigi aims to pursue a career in being a good girl. She enjoys jumping, swimming, and is a self-proclaimed foodie. Her current roles in the lab include making sure all meetings end on time and shredding research articles with poor statistical inference.


Raj & Franklin

As the longest standing lab members, Raj and Franklin are currently working on writing their dissertations. Franklin occasionally attends lab meetings, and enjoys boosting team morale. Raj is now pursuing other endeavors including sunbathing and birdwatching. 


Hi! I'm one of the lab non-human assistants. My job is very important, I make sure the humans are mentally prepared for science.

 Interested in applying to work as an undergraduate research assistant in the DISCO Lab? 

We are not currently recruiting students to work in our lab. However, we will have spaces opening up for Fall 2025.